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The motor vehicle department said the company HSBC still has a lein on this motorcycle. This cycle was purchased and totalled on the same day in 2006. Since then we have not receive a bill, an amount due notice or any communication what so ever from HSBC. My bankruptcy paperwork lists the cycle as totaled and only worth $500. Since they have not notified us in over 10 years, my son decided to sell the parts of this cycle. He did so and now... Read more

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Can't transfer owners. Need title release. Previous owner can't sell boat until all documentation is clear and released. Parks and Wildlife is requesting release of boat and motor title in order for financing by new owner to take place. New owner cannot make transaction/transfer until title for motor of Nissan is released. Please make contact with either prior owner Elias Perez at 956-642-6360 or prospective buyer Daniel Davila at... Read more

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In the year of 2008 and 2009 Beneficial Finance AKA (HFC), (HSBC) altered our original loan contract without our consent by creating two different fraudulent accounts and reported them to credit bureau ; these accounts reported active with the same balances of our original contract showing same debt and also resulted with stating a high debt ratio.They replaced our original loan account with one that they created, when confronted about their... Read more

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I've been part of the HSBC premier program since 2013. In 2015 they started to charge me a 50 usd monthly fee I wasn't supposed to be charged so I decided to close my account. I have been asking my councellor Anthony Persaud (Florham Park agency, NJ) for more than 6 months to close my account but he doesn't not return my emails and unduly charged me 2x50 usd in November and December. I've been trying to contact them through the online forms, but... Read more

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Charges and fees come out of the blue. No one at HSBC can explain. Stay away from this bank at all cost. Got divorced 5 years ago and went through severe financial hardship. HSBC gave me a temporary rate reduction for 6 months and told me they will make it permanent if I paid on time. They lied. They had no plans on making it permanent even if I made all 6 payments on time. After 5 years charges and fees appeared on my statement. No one can... Read more

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I was in need of a mortgage so I visited the HSBC Branch located at 1602 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229. I met with mortgage consultant Mahmut Aydin. My experience with him was awful. This man is unprofessional and totally unfit to be a "Premier Mortgage Consultant". I, hereby, call upon HSBC's upper mangagement to terminate him. Mahmut Aydin is a heavy cigarette chain smoker. I could smell the strong odor of cigarettes on his clothes and... Read more

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This is a huge ongoing scam, HSBC, Household Retail Services and Capital 1 are all the same company! Stoneleigh Recovery associates out of Lombard Illinois allegedly obtained data from Capitol 1 offshoot Household Retail Services on accts where deals were made to pay off early, the accounts were then allegedly charged off and sold which is illegal as is suing on a alleged debt of 23 yrs ago! In fact if they trick anybody into making a partial... Read more

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Although this has been on a Monday & would expect lines to be busy, duh! Put on extra staff! I could have had a credit card further compromised/frauded in the time I took waiting. I also do NOT expect to keep getting 'cut off'; hence having dial through all of the options again & again! Finally got someone to answer today. I had phoned on a Sunday evening; one of my credit cards (I rarely even use; kept in secure place; no-one can... Read more

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I deposited $100 at the Oakland Chinatown HSBC ATM. I took a little long to gather the 5 twenty dollar bills, when I finally put the cash in the slot, the screen was asking "if I need more time" I didn't notice it because I was looking thru my purse for the cash. After I placed the cash in the slot it closed up, the screen had message which I've never seen before, at the same time. When the receipt came out, it didn't record the deposit, in fact... Read more

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  • Sep 03, 2015
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After having my credit card ( gold) revoked due to inserting the incorrect pin. HSBC sent a new card, after 6 WEEKS I am still waiting for the new pin number which means the card is not useable. Dealing with Ariane Aipert from HSBC Paris is trying on the nerves, as they seem to want to know how you obtained your money, and whether you have gained your wealth legally ! After seven complaints and numerous phone calls, I can only report I'm still... Read more

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